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The main problem is - how to reliably and effectively to stop such a vehicle?

Telma electromagnetic retarder is an auxiliary brake for heavy road vehicles from 3.5 to 50 t. and which uses the principle of electromagnetic fields. Telma retarder brings added security of heavy vehicles, ensuring their work to the vehicle service brakes remain cool and as such are very effective in cases of emergency braking or in case of transportation of people, Telma ensure reliable and smooth deceleration without spending parts of engines, transmissions and braking systems.

Telma retarder benefits include:

  • efficiency at low speeds - completely independent of engine
  • Instantaneous response time
  • significantly reduce noise in urban areas
  • improved control of vehicles
  • safer and more comfortable ride
  • profitability by reducing maintenance costs and lost time
  • compatible with ABS / EBS systems
  • maximum durability and performance in all conditions of use


*19 century: the Frenchman Léon FOUCAULT reveals the basic principle of electromagnetic retarder
*1903: Steckel registered the first patent electromagnetic retarder
*1936: Frenchman Raoul SARAZIN sets the initial version of electro-magnetic retarder as an auxiliary brake on the vehicle.


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